Friday, February 27, 2009

Preparing for the Carnival Soiree

There is so much to be done before the Carnival Soiree, everyone is working hard to get things done, Albious Woodsby and his crew are winding the carousel, check each light bulb and detailing the elaborate horses. Albious' assistant Laurel is adding a special symphony to the organ hidden deep inside the core of the carousel!

Sherman Collings is gilding Phoenix the Lion's Carriage and Oiling the wheels of Garrison Shubert's Carriage. Garrison is the Lion Tamer for the Big Top Show and Elsie Shubert is the Lioness for the Show and the Carnival Soiree Celebration!

Over in the French Quarter of the Fairgrounds, the Human Marionettes can be heard practicing their lines, while Daphne the Pixie Wizard is over at Sophie's Dress tent, modeling her new costume.

Last Years Carnival Queens are trying on Soiree Outfits, the Candy-ologist are crafting diamond gumballs and the game staff is adjusting the Carnival Games located in the Carlisle Pavillion.

While I am busy sewing some soiree gowns myself, made from the most rare of materials, I am making the carnival hats and crowns, so every guest who comes through the carnival gate can get one. For the virtual Carnival attendees I have a few surprises for you, which I will unveil on March 14, 2009. Just be prepared to have fun, play games, share carnival, circus or soiree stories, artwork, recipes, party tips, projects and magic. Plus throughout the day I will be having giveaways as well.

I'll see you at the soiree!
Magic and Joy!

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