Monday, April 13, 2009

Penelope's Circus!

Penelope's Circus!

Water colors, Pencil and Inks on water color paper, Strathmore, Cold Press!
June 2008

This is a piece is just finished called:

Penelope's Circus, since I'm all about the circus lately, I've kept this piece in the same theme!
Penelope has always been drawn to the magic of nature, her first pets were a friendly Blue Jay and White Dove, who could actually talk and eventually flew off to the South to create their own families, who all often visited Penelope on their journies up North.

At Seventeen, Penelope became a well known ballerina, performing at theatres and opera houses worldwide, most recently Penelope has decided to tour with the Lady Waverly Magic Ballet, where a whole show was created especially for her called: "Penelope's Circus" where Penelope gets to wear a birdcage tutu, dance and sing along with special Blue Bats wearing wizard hats and dance along side her while the show's orchestra pipes out enchanting music.

This is a must see show and I recommend attending, that is if you can get tickets!

Magic and Joy!