Monday, March 16, 2009

Candyland Court, Tea Time with Pageant Queen and Fiji Mermaid

I just loved the time I spent with the Fiji Mermaid and the Pageant Queen at the Carnival Soiree, I had to post my experience with them in the blog titled after this event held in my blog: Faerie Enchantment below is the full post no.6, my fave part of the day last saturday.
Candyland Court, Tea Time with Pageant Queen and Fiji Mermaid!Post Six

Do you smell that?, its the smell of Cotton Candy, Fried Dough and Kettle Corn, laced with the sweet fragrance of Jelly Apples, Roated Nuts and Coconut and Penny Dogs, so delicious. I just couldn't resist buying a bag of Cotton Candy puffs from Lara's Sweets on my way to tea.
carnival soiree weekend 127
carnival soiree weekend 128
I wonder where it is?...Oh, now I see it, just follow the signs and the sugar sticks to that glorious and humongous Tea Pot, it must be nearly 10 feet tall and wide.
"Oh, Sage, look at all those sweet and edible jewels and dazzling stars, I also see all of the Soiree Attendees are here, finding their seats and exploring their goodie bags!"
carnival soiree weekend 094
carnival table
carnival soiree weekend 095
And here she is The Glorious Fiji Mermaid, Zoe! I just had to take loads of pictures of her and her carnival-esque tea outfit!
carnival soiree weekend 099
carnival soiree weekend 100
carnival soiree weekend 098
carnival soiree weekend 103
carnival soiree weekend 101
Here is a dazzling photo of last years Carnival Pageant Winner Corneilia Gatsby, Isn't she just the prettiest ever? I want to win Carnival Queen one day.

Here is a photo of the two belles of the soiree:
carnival soiree weekend 106
Some scrumptious sweets and treats we all munched on sugar sweet pink cupcakes, Lara's Award winning Cotton Candy, which just won the prize for best Cotton Candy at the Carnival.
tea party highlight25
carnival soiree weekend 088Notice Lara's Sweet Top Hat, made with floral satin ribbon, flowers and jewels.
carnival soiree weekend 089Award winning Cotton Candy
carnival soiree weekend 090 This vintage inspired award was handmade with Satin floral ribbon and cardstock,instructions this week.
carnival soiree weekend 047
So much to eat, be inspired by and photograph, and its only 1:30pm....


  1. Yay, reliving the fun Carnival...woo hoo!

    StampinMom :-)

  2. How refreshing to read that post once again and view all of the colorful pictures. The Carnival Event was lots of fun. Thanks for all of the effort you put into it all.

  3. reading this again is such fun ... what a remarkable event you put together!

    ... and all the photos! wow!

  4. I can still taste the icing off the cupcake hmmhmm good.....thanks for the's to many more...Marlene

  5. YUMMYYYYYYYY!! I could just take a bite out of your photographs!!!

    Happy day!
    Christina :)

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