Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Side Show Follies! Fiji Mermaid!

The Side Show Follies Cover!

This is Zoe, The Figi Mermaid. She is the main side show exhibit at The Bentley Bros. Carnival. Zoe was born in Figi and was discovered by Andrew Bentley when he was on Holiday. Here Zoe can be seen drinking coco kelp tea and wearing her new tiara, as you can see, Zoe is treated like a Queen and is the wealthiest Figi Mermaid to date.

But just because Zoe whose real name is Akirah, wears a dazzling tiara and gets paid thousands of dollars, doesn't mean she is side show perfect, Zoe is hiding some important secrets. Recently Madame Laduree, the shows Gypsy Fortune Teller, was awoken in her sleep of a mysterious woman who was going to approach Zoe with a secret, Madame Laduree's predictation came true before she could warn Zoe, this mysterious woman informed Zoe that her real father was British and head of a Royal Navy Ship with the respected name of Samuel J. Lundy.

She continued to tell her the whole story of her parents encounter, starting from the day they first met, when his ship had become was dis-oriented after a severe storm, when it hit sharp coral reefs off the Madagascar coast, this is where he met the beautiful and exotic Loraina, who was frolicking in the sea.

Then Samuel dove into the water to save Loraina who he thought was drowning and together they swam to land, he quickly took off his shirt and placed it over her, asking if she was okay. and she replied; "Yes I Am", but neither of them took their eyes off one another. After 3 months on Madagascar, Samuel told Loraina, that he would be back to to marry her, but he never returned, this broke poor Loraina's heart, but what Loraina didn't know was her horrible sister Orgasta, who was banished from the Madagascar, to an un-documented isle, met a sea vamp Natashia who by day slept in a coral cave and by night roamed the land and sea searching for un-expecting victims, whom she could turn into sea-vamps aka Vampire Mermaids, who lure sailors to their doom through fake beauty and voice symphonies, Orgasta was one of her victims, who became stronger and stronger, eventually destroying Natashia, and gaining all her power and more.

When Orgasta found out about Loraina and Samuel, she fled to his new ship, placed the whole crew under an invisible and silent spell, so no one would ever find them, and poor Samuel would become her slave, carrying out her deeds.

Then this strange woman disappeared from Zoe's carriage, without a trace, minutes later Madame Laduree, arrived at Zoe's tent to tell her the vision she had, but found she was too late, the mysterious woman had already came and vanished, the look on Zoe's face said it all, she intantly through her arms around Madame Laduree and burst into tears. Zoe finally asked: "What should I do?"............
Zoe: The Figi Mermaid
Zoe was hand drawn and painted with a variety of paints and coffee/tea on Strathmore Watercolor Paper, with the dimension of an ATC: 3 1/2 by 2 1/2/ and enhanced with a variety of altered art techniques such as collage, and glitter embellishments, making this a: Mixed Media Piece On Strathmore Water Color Paper!
Two Headed Pixie!
From this original image I have made several different art pieces, from the digital carnival poster above to smaller digital art pieces and the image medallion on my Fiji Mermaid Jar Fairy/Specimen Jar located in my book: Altered Art Circus.
Side Show Follies:The Fiji Mermaid! Sepia

Stay tuned for more Carnival Mysteries, Magic and Mayhem!


  1. I'm enjoying Zoe's mayhem...not very nice of me, hmmm. Well it's all in fun right?
    I commented in to be a part of Saturday and post your tag in my side bar, but I am unsure about posting time. Any other details I should be aware off?

  2. Oh poor know of the tradegy that has happen to her parents...and to wonder what has become of them - oh poor, poor Zoe - she must be in shell shock - to think one moment not to know about her parents and next to know about them but to lose them in an second, devastating very very devastating...this must be all the talk around the ocean - whatever happen to Zoe's parents (To Be Continued) Sounds Very Fishy to Me....I can't wait to read more...till then - have a honey of a day! Marlene :O)

  3. Zoe needs to use her new found wealth to investigate the Validity of this storey ...she wont be able to have peace until she does...evey queen needs some peace