Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet Henrietta Bellows!

Meet Henrietta Bellows, the Hippo Ballerina from The Carlisle Circus, her pals are Jeannie The Giraffe and Alistaire the Lion. Henrietta just joined the circus and was recommended by Lucy the Elephant, whose one of the lead stars of the Mer-Elephants Water Show at The Carlisle Circus!
Henrietta Bellows! 4
Miss Bellows or as her friends call her Lady Henrietta, hails from Africa and was discovered dancing near a water hole from the symphony coming from the voices of 3 crocodiles known as the 3 Tremors, who also were asked to join the Circus. One of the 3 Tremors, Bethany Gaterstone, wrote a special song for the Mer-Elephants Water Show which consists of 5 acts, Henrietta who opens with her Royal Under Water Ballet, The Sea Horse Opera, The Fiji Mermaid of Madagascar, The Water Sprites and The Mer-Elephants Water Extravaganza.
Henrietta Bellows!2
Come visit Henrietta and The Water Show for 3 days only at Dreamland in Coney Island, until the show and circus sails to their tour of the seven seas.


Here is another example of how you can alter a rubber circus animal. This is a great recycling project/Green too. The original project is available in my book: Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books Feb. 1, 2009!


  1. OMG - she's fab! LOL I'm not all much into dolls or plush animals - but this is a real winner!

  2. Henrietta's a doll! What a little cutie!

  3. Adorable love your new blog!! Wheee!

  4. Oh Lisa, I love her! I have to get your to purchase it now! eeekkkkk I'm so excited and looking forward to March 14th.

  5. She is gorgeous! Who would ever think she started life as a silly little rubber toy??

  6. I love it! I can't wait to alter the childrens goodies~
    I'd like tickets to the Sea Horse Opera!~