Monday, March 16, 2009

Sadie Marmalade, The Snake Charmer!

Sadie Marmalade! The Snake Charmer!
"Meet The Amazing Snake Charmer, Sadie Marmalade, live for 3 days only in Coney Island, her last East Coast Appearance before her tour abroad, tickets still available, call circusmaster now for tickets and details!"
This is the poster on the enormous billboard I saw on my way to Coney Island, I was instantly mesmerized, just something about Sadie which instantly puts you in a trance, under a hypnotic spell, bringing you to a place where your mind can turn your imagination, your dreams and thoughts into reality, after all Sadie is a snake charmer from Cairo, with descendents traced as far back as the year 3000 BC, with an ancient ancestor named Caledone, snake charmer to the Pharoah Simoat
Mixed media painting on coffee and tea stained watercolor paper with inks, watercolors, paints and glitter watercolor!


  1. This is so much fun! I love your page.

  2. Thanks soooo very much!
    Magic and Joy!

  3. Is this based on a real poster you saw? My husband's great grandma's brother married a snake charmer named Sadie and they lived in NYC...just trying to find actual evidence of the woman

  4. I am so loving your circus theme and latest paintings!!! :+D Patti