Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carnival ATC Pocket/Book!

Welcome to the Pixie Boutique, located inside Madame Carwright's Pixie Carnival, the most elite Pixie Carnival in the world. Where Pixie celebrities such as Daisy Blythe, Mercury Adams, and Pipie LeMer all perform.

These Wiegfeld Follies gals perform at Carwright's in their off days at the Follies, performing musicals, water shows and Operetta's with musical talents Langley and Bowman, even a few members of the Wiegfeld Symphony make guest appearances. Lannel Dujoir is the sole costume designer for the Carnival, and travels in the summer with them in his traveling Pixie Boutique, housed inside an elaborate carnival house wagon, complete with the designer's fabrics, and taste.

Here is an ATC/Pocket/Book inspired by this fabulous Carnival. This piece is altered/decorated on both sides, with pocket, pocket pixies, pixie clothing and a theater all along this piece.

Directions on making these kinds of atc pockets/books can be found in my book: Altered Art Circus!

Magic and Joy!


  1. oh, my!

    if this got any cooler it would be hot!

    love it!

  2. LOL! You are the best!
    I made this about 2years ago, I made 5 in this series of art card pockets called The Pixie Boutique, all 5 were different, some with mostly blues and purples, others rainbow colors. I made myself one with pinks and greens, orange and yellows!


  3. Good Morning Lisa!

    I just stumble on the Carnival site this morning...I had a couple of moments before I leave for work so I scanned through the blogs and low and behold...you made my day...

    I know that I posted on faerie enchantment blog that I wanted to join the carnival (I never open the side bar attachment until now)...but now I REALLY want to come, and join the circus...I have alot to get ready for the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (and blOZ land)...I think the "Gladys TIDE and the Shells" said that they would like to attend...oh how much fun this will be....

    Just a little note I was reading your book the other day, and it brought back childhood memories of mine, when I created a Circus cage for a Lion Thank you - Thank you SO MUCH for bringing back that happy memory to me...

    Well I gotta run can't be late for work...but I know that I will be doodling ALL day long of my ideas for the event...

    Have a TIP TOP day! :O) Marlene


  4. Lisa just love this..its my birthday next month i am going to purchase your book from you.

    Hugs and counting down the days yay xx

    Sarah x

  5. I just adore this piece of art you created. I love paper dolls, and the circus...too much fun or what. I am really looking forward to the Carnival Soiree, and am working on a piece to celebrate! You are such an inspiration, thank you. Hugs, Kathleen

  6. OMG, what a great way to retire the night with all your warm and wonderful comments! Thank You!
    Magic and Much Joy!

  7. What a joy to find your blog!!!!
    (tristan, thanks).
    There is so much to see that is delightful and I have gotten some fun ideas from you!
    Thanks !!!!

  8. OOOh so glad Peggy, come by often, I always have something new going on!
    Have a magical day!

  9. Hi Lisa,
    We just got back from our week of travelling and I have to thank you for writing such a fun book as the Altered Art Circus! It kept me very entertained during our long hours of flying and waiting. And wait until you see what my husband took pictures of on our trip that I will be bringing to the Carnival Soiree!!! Here's a hint: I hope there is room for one more ride at the Carnival!
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Do I sign up here for your sat. carnival? I added my name to the flicker site!
    I want to play too please!

  11. Lisa,
    I just love t his blog, every creation is amazing. I especially love the ATC pocket book. Oh, wait I see the Houdini ticket, how cool.

  12. This is my very favorite!!! I love the colors the doll everything just so wonderful. I have been reading and searching the sidebar links I am having a ball!

  13. This is pure magic. I can hardly wait until my book comes.


  14. This so wonderful I love my sweet Carnival girl you sent me! Love her THis is such a spectacular Carnival I didn't know the Pixies had and elite soiree.